Arm Your Bag!


THIS combat sports training device will make you be your best! Designed for EVERYONE wanting to develop and master combat sports techniques. From Martial Arts to boxing to wrestling and football…become your best!

ARM YOUR BAG! is a fully adjustable combat sports punching bag attachment that allows most any punching bag to be converted into an improved training tool with arms. It can be positioned at any height or any location on any bag, hanging or on the ground. It can accommodate any height person, for children to adults, men and women.

ARM YOUR BAG! provides a solution for people that already have a punching bag of some sort, but do not necessarily want to purchase or have the room for a 70/90/120 lb. MMA dummy. It provides a cost effective and space saving alternative to convert existing punching bags, into a multi-sport training tool.

ARM YOUR BAG! target market is for anyone that owns a punching bag, hanging or free standing in their garage, basement, or workout room. It is for any gym, fitness center, or MMA training facility that has one or more punching bags hanging, free standing, or on the ground.

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